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Malika and Diana began performing together in 2017. In 2018 they decided to open a stand-up comedy and variety night that focused on getting more women up on stage.


And thus She'll Be Right was born. After successfully running the room for over a year they decided to continue the success by opening two more rooms, All Good and No Worries. And thus Cocoa And Butter Productions was born.

Profit Sharing Philosophy

At Cocoa And Butter Productions, we believe that all artists deserve to be supported at every level. We believe our artists and performers are the ones doing the work, we profit share with everyone who performs with us.

So how does it work?

We divide whatever we make into shares. We take a share for our admin and organisation time and then each performer is allocated a share for every 10 minutes they did on stage. This means that the majority of the money is being given to those that perform.

Why are we doing this?

We don't want to profit off other peoples hard work. While we do spend a large amount of time each month organising and promoting the shows, the hard work on the night is done by whoever is performing. A lot of new artists can end up spending their money going to shows and their attempts to bring the world joy actually cost them. And we don't think that's right.

Doesn't that mean you're broke?

Yep, by profit sharing and not attempting to make money off our artists we are not running for profit, the majority of our time is donated and we are happy to do it.

Can I help?

Of course, you can. Just come to any show and you are already helping to support local, new and established artists.


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Malika Elizabeth was born in 70’s Hollywood, to a White writer and a Black production assistant. Moving to Australia at the age of three she travelled between the two countries, also spending time living in Europe and Asia. 


She has had a creative flair for story telling from a young age. After graduating from Sydney Girls High, Malika worked as an assistant in two high profile Los Angeles Production companies. She graduated from the University of Wollongong, with a BCA(writing) and a BA(Hons) in English. While at Uni she wrote and directed several short films. She went on to work at Foxtel for nearly a decade. 


Malika has made twelve short films, written seven film scripts,  two television scripts, a family memoir, a stage play and produced three children. Moving into performance, she has made several video clips; directed a theatre show and is co-directing a documentary about her great aunt, Jessie Mae Robinson, who wrote dozens of hit songs covered by the likes of Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Nina Simone, Jeff Buckley and Elvis Presley. Malika has also co-written and directed shows for the local community, and currently co-runs She’ll Be Right in Port Kembla, an all female variety show, largely featuring comics.


A professional musician for over two decades, Malika has played in bands: Roger Loves Betty, Jessemae and The Glamma Rays. She plays ukulele, guitar, bass guitar and the recorder. Her voice is rich and deep, and her original songs are soulful and uplifting. She has sung at a variety of events, from weddings to funerals, cabaret to TedX, and birthday parties for people from 3 to 80 years of age.


Malika has been in an orphanage in Asia, and warded off an armed robber at work in Corrimal. She is a survivor of decades of child abuse, and successfully had her perpetrator sentenced. She also rescued her son from a speeding car in a building, by running towards it and flying through the air, son in arms. It was then that Malika’s alter ego Titanimum was born. 


As a comedian and public speaker, Malika blends all of her skills and experiences together, adding funny songs to honest observations about her life. She doesn’t hold back in telling her truth and is a superhero mum, at least, in her own mind. 

Diana is a young actress, writer and comedian. She loves to perform but also to create anything.... literally anything... she's a painter, she can knit, sew, cook, decopage, she fire twirls, makes jewelry and works as a photographer and videographer.

She was a vegetarian for over a decade but turns she's alergic to soy... so that sucks.

If you want to learn more about Diana, check her our on social or head to her website and read her book and watch her videos.

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If you enjoy our shows subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get exclusive offers and be the first to hear about our latest and greatest!

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